Jin regards BTS as friends capable of healing his pain


The members of BTS have become very close and Jin finds comfort in his fellow members. The K-Pop group just released a video for their song Dynamite, but the BTS members also took a moment to talk about what their friendship is like. It was then that Jin revealed that BTS members are more supportive of him than anyone else.

The members of the idol group have spent a lot of time together since they were trainees. Due to the circumstances they went through together, it is not a surprise that they managed to consolidate a friendship, but this bond is more special than you could imagine.

During an interview that BTS gave to New Music Daily, Jin explained that because they spend so much time together as a group, he regards his fellow members as the ones with whom he can open his heart and honestly share his pain.

We always give each other advice when someone is going through a difficult time.

Therefore, Jin expressed that for each of the boys, the BTS members are their closest friends and also their advisors, revealing that they can easily talk about any difficulties they experience.

The friendship and work of each of these K-Pop idols have allowed them to show the best of BTS, thus conquering audiences from different parts of the world but also becoming an example of camaraderie and friendship.

Tell us what you like the most about the BTS members’ friendship and if you have learned anything from the bond these idols share.

After the premiere of Dynamite, ARMYs around the world showed their support for BTS’s musical launch, an act for which Jimin thanked by posting new photos on the group’s social media.

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