Jin recreates the steps of the Michael Jackson Show!


The famous singer Jin of BTS has performed with his companions some iconic steps of the legendary singer Michael Jackson.

The music video for Dynamite by the BTS boys was released recently and has left all the members of the ARMY totally moved and especially by some iconic steps that Jin performed with some of her companions and remembering Michael Jackson.

It seems that dynamite has taken the emotions of the BTS guys, to join us with BTS’s new single from ARMY stream. Dynamite which recently launched on YouTube and other streaming platforms to the delight of the worldwide ARMY.

Notably, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook totally flaunted in the era of pop and disco in their music video to deliver a colorful and lively dance number.


The video saw the Bangtan Boys give a nod to some of the greatest musical legends of the West, as that appears from the posters of Beatles Abbey Road and David Bowie in Jungkook’s room to the pop music videos.

The sexy steps of Jin playing Michael Jackson

But that’s not all, because there were also numerous elements that attracted a lot of attention, such that the ARMY could not overcome Jin and Jimin by paying tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The ARMY noted that the idols were in sync with Michael Jackson himself in the video, while Seokjin recreated the moonwalk and left not only the fans but also Yoongi in the video reacting.


On the other hand, The Worldwide Handsome also stole everyone’s hearts when he took center stage during a portion of the video and lit up the screen with his heart-melting face and contagious smile.

Notably, aside from the Jin and MJ acting tribute fans screamed as they watched Yoongi and Namjoonie go from flaunting their murderous looks to lovable, goofy personalities. Fans found themselves smiling as Taehyung and Kookie got excited together and as for Hobi, she looked like nothing less than a diamond that shone throughout the video.

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