Jin recommends ARMY a perfect song for a quiet night


ARMY has released on social media which is the perfect BTS song that Jin recommends to have a quiet night.

A few days ago we let you know that BTS held the ‘Map of the Soul ON: E’, a virtual concert that sought to compensate the ARMY after all the presentations of the South Korean band were canceled due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the activities of the ‘Map of the Soul ON: E’, an exhibition was held in a virtual way, in which the ARMY could learn a little more about the South Korean band; In it there was a section for the BTS guys to recommend songs for their fans, but it was Jin who managed to steal the spotlight with his recommendations.

ARMY shared on social media the name of the songs that Jin recommends to listen to in two situations: for a quiet night and for when you have a small snack before bed.

Jin’s recommendations for the ARMY

According to the 27-year-old idol, the perfect song to listen to on a quiet night is ‘IDOL’ by the band BTS, a song that is part of the album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’; The official MV for said single was released in August 2018 and has so far had 763 million views on YouTube.

Jin’s recommendation caused a lot of grace on social networks, as they assure that this topic is not the most suitable if you are looking to spend a quiet night since ‘IDOL’ is a fairly accelerated song that manages to make you dance from its first seconds.

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Another of Jin’s recommendations is the song ‘Dionysus’, which was included in the tracklist of BTS’s ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ and that the idol says is perfect to listen to while eating a small late night snack. This exhibition comes as the fandom awaits more news of ‘BE’, the band’s new album.

What did you think of Jin’s recommendations? Are either of these two songs your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments.


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