Jin received a very strange comment during his live broadcast


The idol performed a new “Eat Jin” but received a two-way comment. Jin made a new video for “Eat Jin,” but the idol was the victim of a strange comment during its broadcast.

BTS is 5 days away from making their Japanese comeback with the album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, so in the middle of the preparations there is time to live with their fans, the idol decided to release a new episode of their well-known food vlog, but something strange happened, we will tell you what happened.

Through the VLive platform, the idol broadcast a new video of”Eat Jin”,a vlog where Jin interacts with ARMY while eating. What started as a common live, became a tradition for the idol. In addition to sharing his incredible ability to handle chopsticks, he also received several comments, including one … very peculiar.

For this new “Eat Jin”, he decided to eatsushi,so during his broadcast someone wrote”I want to be the sushi.” At first, Jin seemed very confused, as it seemed strange that someone said something like that.

Jin joked around a bit and said that if a sushi equals a celebrity, it becomes shiny and clean, referring to his physique. However, the comment had other intentions that, fortunately, were not understood by him.

Some ARMY joked after what happened, arguing that Jin was too innocent to understand the double meaning of those words, others commented that they didn’t scare him like that. Korean culture is very different from that of other countries, so certain phrases used to flirt make no sense to them.

Although the comment was not so explicit, it is important to remember that words can sometimes be misinterpreted and cause an awkward moment for idols. You may have understood the comment and that’s why you decided to joke about being a handsome sushi.

“Eat Jin”, although not a regular idol show, is one of ARMY’s favorite activities, where Jin practically eats in front of the camera while talking about various topics.

Recently, Jin decided to give a gift to ARMY to celebrate their anniversary as a fandom, during these 7 years, they have been the wings that have allowed them to go very far in their career and achieve great goals.

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