Jin reacts to fun pictures edited by ARMY


Jin artfully responded to fan-created images. Seokjin joked around with BTS fans after coming across some edits of his photos.

BTS members have been active within the Weverse platform, so some lucky fans had the opportunity to receive a response from the group’s members.

That was what happened with Jin recently, who had a surprising appearance on the social network and gave his followers a moment of joy.

It all happened when an ARMY shared a set of images starring the members of BTS, in them, the boys wore traditional clothes from a country other than their own, but that was because they were fan-made editions .

The girl shared a message of good wishes with these photos , wishing others a good day on this same platform.

However, the images he posted caught the attention of Jin , who did not hesitate to leave a comment about them. The idol joked asking if the group had actually taken these types of photographs , since, he said, he could no longer remember it.

Even though BTS has participated in a large number of photo shoots, Jin probably just wanted to have fun with his fans at the time.

This is not the first time that Jin ‘s photographic editions have taken him by surprise; recently, RM encouraged fans to create memes with a fun photo of Seokjin.


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