Jin opens his heart in an interview with Fancafe magazine


Jin opened his heart in an interview for the Japan Fancafe magazine by talking about the ARMY and the boys of BTS.

Yesterday, October 3, the 8th volume of BTS’s Japanese Fancafe magazine was released and it included an individual interview of Jin, in which he talks about various topics such as the success of the band, what he thinks about it. ARMY and his teammates, as well as what he does on his days off.

The magazine is only available in Japan, but the J-ARMY has done everything possible so that the BTS fandom around the world can learn a little more about Jin, who did not hesitate to open his heart in the interview by telling more details about him that you can’t see on stage.

The 27-year-old idol started the interview with the Japanese Fancafe by revealing that he has many ideas in mind to perform incredible surprises for the ARMY at concerts; Then he mentioned that he appreciates his classmates a lot and that they like to see him as an older brother.

Jin spoke about ARMY on Japanese Fancafe

Then, Kim Seok-jin was asked what he would like to cook for the Japanese ARMY, to which he replied that there is a dish in South Korea called Jajangmyeon and that it is very delicious; He also confessed that he has worked very hard to learn delicious recipes, which he would like to prepare for all his fans.

Mr. Worldwide Handsome confessed to the magazine that on his days off he tries to stay active indoors, because when he has to rest from the stage he starts to sweep, cook, wash his clothes and then play video games and if he gets sleepy he ends sleeping for a long time.

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Lastly, Jin mentioned that he and the BTS guys are preparing big surprises for the ARMY, which is why they have started to check their schedule to plan that all their plans go perfectly and thus keep their fandom happy.

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