Jin, New Record On MelOn List Thanks to ‘Moon’ Track


Jin’s ‘Moon’ has managed to set a new record on MelOn Chart.

BTS has been characterized by being one of the most successful K-Pop bands of the moment internationally and for proof of this we have the high impact that their music has managed to have on the popularity charts by occupying the top positions of these charts by long periods of time.

This time we will tell you about a new achievement that Jin, the oldest member of BTS, obtained in MelOn Chart, a popularity list that records the success that the songs obtain within South Korea and that during the last years has been invaded by the themes of the famous South Korean group.

Although the seven members of BTS are extremely talented, ARMY assures that there is something very special about Jin’s voice that makes them feel attracted to the songs he performs alone, something that expert music critics agree on, who have not hesitated to fill the idol’s vocal talent with compliments.

Jin Gets New Record On MelOn Chart

‘Moon’, a song that Jin performs solo for the album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, has become the longest BTS solo has remained on the MelOn Chart so far in 2020, thus surpassing ‘ Euphoria ‘, a song that Jungkook performs for the album’ Love Yourself: Answer ‘, and which previously held that achievement.

According to records of said platform, ‘Moon’ has already spent 222 days within the Top 100 of the chart and only disappeared for the period of three weeks from the Melon Chart, which is why the fans agreed to re-enter the theme of the Worldwide Handsome on said listing.

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ARMY is very happy for this achievement that Jin has just achieved on MelOn Chart with the theme ‘Moon’, because in social networks the hashtags #EverlastingMoon and #ChartsKingSeokJin have been created, which have already been used in thousands of messages where the Fans congratulate the 27-year-old idol for setting a new record on the list.


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