Jin looks like a prince by posing in a special Hanbok


The BTS vocalist took his dress style back to traditional with this fashion piece originally from South Korea.

Apparently, one of Kim Seokjin’s favorite fashion pieces is Hanboks, BTS’s idol does know how to wear traditional South Korean costumes. She surprised ARMY with new selfies wearing an incredible look.

Since the debut of Bangtan Sonyeondan , Jin received the love of the public for his talents and powerful visuals, his model bearing and other characteristics earned him the international title of World Wide Handsome.

In countries of the world, especially in the Asian continent, for days they began with the preparations for the celebration of the lunar year, a calendar that will officially begin on Friday, February 12, 2021.

The boys of BTS will also celebrate the lunar new year, they already did some activities and dynamics for ARMY. On Twitter, Jin surprised millions of followers with a selfie , in which he wore a beautiful Hanbok .


Through Twitter, the interpreter of ‘Moon’, fell in love with ARMY with a photograph, a friendly smile was the perfect complement of the selca , Jin looked like a royal boy with a Hanbok , a piece of traditional South Korean clothing .

Some time ago, Jin commented that one of his favorite colors was pink, the idol is still fond of the tone since the Hanbok he wore was pastel pink with white details that highlighted the design. In the description, Kim Seokjin wrote:

Happy New Year

The BTS singer’s selfie with Hanbok exceeded 900 thousand likes in less than 2 hours, ARMY reacted immediately with love messages, they recalled other epic outfits, netizens accumulated more than 300 thousand interactions.

For centuries, in millennial celebrations and of great importance for Korea , the citizens wore Hanbok as a gala dress, it is a tradition that demonstrated pride in their culture.

In the past, Jin modeled for the camera with Hanboks , during the ‘IDOL’ era he dazzled audiences with traditional robes designed by great creatives, he also wore the looks during important holidays.

It is not the first time that Jin and his band demonstrated their power in traditional South Korean fashion, we invite you to visit: BTS shows their power by putting Hanboks in fashion.


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