Jin looks better than ever in his new Instagram photos


BTS’s Jin has conquered the ARMY with two new selcas that he shared on his Instagram account.

Jin once again captivates the ARMY, the name given to the huge BTS fandom, with some new selcas that he shared on his Instagram account today, in which we can see that he looks sexier than ever, or at least that’s what what their fans say in the comments section.

It cannot be denied that BTS has become a phenomenon of international stature today, which is why it is not at all surprising that the actions of the seven members, no matter how minimal, go viral on all social networks .

For proof of this we have the photographs that Jin shares on his Instagram account, a platform where he already exceeds 5.8 million followers, which manage to captivate ARMY due to the sensuality that the 27-year-old idol captures in front of the camera.

Jin shows off his gallantry in new selfies

ARMY was fascinated to learn about the new selcas that Jin shared on his Instagram account, in which he appears wearing a white shirt and a red jacket, but what is really striking about these images is that the idol stole more than one I sigh knowing how to capture his gallantry in a sexy pose.


“석 지니 (Seok Genie)” was what the oldest member of BTS wrote in the series of photos he posted on his Instagram account, which have managed to exceed 500 thousand likes in less than 4 hours.

Once again it is demonstrated why Jin is also known as Mr. Worldwide Handsome, as his loyal fans filled the comments section of said publication with hundreds of compliments, which were dedicated to the idol with great affection.

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Did you like Jin’s new selcas on Instagram? Is Kim Seok-jin your favorite in the band? Leave your answer in the comments.


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