Jin is mistaken as a BTS fan for this hilarious reason


BTS’s Jin expressed his affection for his bandmates, users of a game thought that the K-pop singer was ARMY.

The boys of BTS have had a very demanding schedule, since the premiere of ‘Dynamite’ in August, the idols of the company Big Hit Entertainment are invited to make special presentations, interviews and dynamics to promote their successful single in English.

Despite being so busy, in their spare time, the ‘ON’ singers take the opportunity to distract their minds from their favorite hobbies, such as sports, taking pictures and taking on some fun online games.

Jin shared with fans an anecdote that he will surely never forget. Kim Seok Jin commented on a post on Weverse where he revealed that he was mistaken for a fan of the Bangtan Boys.

The idol from Gwacheon city in South Korea expressed that he was enjoying some games of an online game and told his battle mates about BTS, the interpreter of ‘Awake’ told them that the Bangtan Boys were a great group and pretty good.

Jin’s playmates believed that he was ARMY and one of them replied:

They don’t know that you exist

Jin chose the best way to answer them so as not to get into controversy, an elegant, diplomatic way and that shows his education, the greatest member of the K-pop band replied:

Ah okay i see

Since Jin was mistaken for a BTS fan, Weverse users had some doubts about the situation, so in another post, ARMY asked Kim Seok Jin what else he had spoken to with the people he played with online and the dancer. commented:

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I told them that the BTS guys are very handsome, especially Jin

Not for nothing is Seok Jin recognized as ‘Worldwide Handsome’, his visual, talents and charisma are elements that make the music star so loved by his millions of followers. Owww.

LOL! Jin is known for his great sense of humor, the boys who played with the idol did not imagine that they were sharing a battle with the singer of one of the most popular music bands in the world.


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