Jin is aided by this situation and ARMY supports him.


BTS’s famous Jin has expressed strong annoyance through the Weverse and the ARMY agrees with him.

Jin has recently generated a strong controversy and is that he feels upset due to the sudden change of plans, but they are aware that it was the best decision, although the ARMY also expressed their annoyance.

It should be noted that Weverse has become a popular site for BTS fans due to the fact that members of the idol group visit this platform frequently, so there is a possibility that some of them will see the messages that their followers write.

That is why through the platform, the ARMY shared a message about the things that bother him, noting that, although they are only two situations in particular, he cannot help feeling that way.


What is bothering Jin?

On the one hand, a girl pointed out that, there are two things in the whole world that make his angry, however, he only wrote one of them and left the other for the imagination of the BTS members, hoping that one of them would figure out which one. another scenario that awakens your discomfort:

“The first is when someone is talking and then suddenly they stop and the second is …”.

Unexpectedly, Jin was on the Weverse and responded to the girl’s post, deciphering what bothers the girl and that it is certainly something that doesn’t make him happy either:


“The second thing is that you can’t attend our concerts.”

If the cancellation of BTS’s tour stands out it took all of their fans by surprise, but for the group members who had been preparing for a long time it also had to be somewhat difficult.

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Do you think Jin is right to bother for that reason? Do you think Jin is not tolerant?


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