Jin is a victim of technology and his new selfie goes wrong


Jin celebrated the final of I-LAND and celebrated with a new selfie, but had a funny accident. BTS and TXT attended as special guests at the finale of I-LAND, the BigHit reality show that sought to form the new K-pop boygroup Enhypen, which will officially debut soon, the idols advised the new rookies and Jin was very happy to be present at that moment, but technology was against him.

Bangtan boys witnessed the final test of the I-LAND trainees, their new labelmates achieved their dream and will become K-pop idols Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook and RM They supported the reality show aspirants and gave them advice to help them succeed in the industry.

After the broadcast of the show ended, Jin decided to update his profile on Weverse, the platform where they keep in touch with ARMY. Known for being the World Wide Handsome, the idol did not miss the opportunity to share a new selfie with his fans, a photo that he accompanied with the message: “Coming from the final of I-LAND.”


His new update made ARMY fall in love, Jin wore a beige sweater with a white shirt that stood out and matched his light brown hair; However, it seems that his publication was made as if it were a Story on Instagram and he did not know how to solve the problem, since the letters appeared on the photo and covered his face.

Jin decided to ask for help, as he did not know how to move the letters in the photo and why it had been published like this, LOL Apparently technology is not his thing, or at least he is not familiar with Weverse tools, even so, ARMY managed a new photo of the idol for your collection.

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Shortly after updating his profile with the new selfie, Jin found the solution and posted the photo without the lettering. The publication received more than 20 thousand comments, some joking about the idol’s concern that the text did not allow his face to show, since he is known for his high self-esteem, not for nothing he called himself World Wide Handsome.


Despite his fun and unique personality, the BTS idol confessed to the hardest time he ever lived before debuting.


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