Jin introduces MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E


Jin and his fellow BTS members shared some selfies as a preview of their upcoming release MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E.

We are less than a day away from being mesmerized by BTS’s innate ability when it comes to their artistically unmatched performances. So is! MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E, BTS’s online concert is scheduled for this weekend, that is, October 10 and 11.

BTS ARMY is especially excited to see the guys perform their hits from Map of the Soul: 7, given their disappointment over the delay and cancellation of Map of the Soul Tour.

This is how Jin and the idols promote their online concert

During the last few days, we have been treated with the rehearsal photos of the septet counting the D-day of the next concert. For D-2, for example, it was none other than AGUST D … um, we mean Suga, who treated ARMY with an extremely swoon-worthy selfie with the obvious link to his second mixtape, D-2.

“At last! D-2,” Yoongi joked with a purple heart smiley. For D-1, it was Kim Line’s siblings RM and Jin (we’re still waiting for V to honor us with his divine traits!), Who took over Twitter to cheer on ARMY for tomorrow with beautiful selcas.

Wearing a cozy gray sweater with unkempt hair, Namjoon is seen holding a finger to indicate D-1 while his face is covered in a white mask.

Joonie tweeted a simple “D-1”, surrounded by various purple heart emoticons. On the other hand, Jinnie is seen sporting a black and white tracksuit with a layered white t-shirt.

Moon’s singer’s brown locks are pulled down on the front fringes as he also lifts a finger to indicate D-1. “D-1 There will be a concert tomorrow,” the older member informed ARMY in his tweet.

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This online concert is sure to be one of the most watched in the world of k-pop. Let’s remember that the BangTan boys have millions of followers. Do you like the way idols look in their selfies?


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