Jin gives important advice to new generations of K-Pop


Jin talked about the new generations of Korean pop idols, and if there is a possibility that another group like BTS exists.

The BigHit group celebrated the launch of their new album “BE”, a comeback that has already broken its first records on various musical platforms and hopes to consolidate the best moment of its career, despite the health crisis.

The BTS guys gave ARMY a message of hope and reminded them that life goes on, but what do they think of the next generations?

As the Korean pop industry grows by the day, BTS is one of the most popular groups with a solid career, although their agency has planned to debut with two other groups in 2021. K-pop fans have been growing in recent years and Various trainees will debut as upcoming idols, could there be a new BTS?


To celebrate the release of “BE”, the Bangtans held a press conference where they shared all the details of their album, their future plans, and the aspirations they still hope to fulfill.

During the question session, the group was questioned about the existence of idols who will rise to fame like them, Jin decided to explain the position of the boys as role models.

Is BTS an inspiration for new idols?

Before debuting, BTS had other figures that they looked up to as they trained to fulfill their dream as K-pop stars; Jin clarified that although there was a role model, they decided to go their own way and not travel in the same direction as their idols, since then. BTS has put their personal stamp on their albums, lyrics, and the messages they want to give their fans.

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The “Moon” singer believes that new groups or young people in the industry could take them as role models, but his honest response was that they too will go their own way and succeed.

BTS’s message about self-love means not only loving and accepting yourself as you are, but also following your own rules, being yourself, and becoming the person you want to be in the future.

For now, the boys are still struggling to reach new goals, their nerves and desires are focused on the next nominations for the 2021 GRAMMY, which will be announced this November 24.


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