Jin gives you the best advice to combat stress


Jin gives you the best advice to combat stress. The idol can help you if you are going through a lot of stress lately.

After the Bang Bang Con and FESTA 2020 , BTS will have a few days to rest, before the premiere of their docuseries “Music Journey” and the release of their Japanese album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey” in July.

And even though they sometimes encounter many activities at the same time, it seems that they have learned to cope with the workload, so Jin decided to share with his fans a tip that you can apply in your daily life, especially when you feel exhausted.

Through the group’s Japanese fancafe, Jin shared a video where he spoke about his experience as an idol , he acknowledged that at first it was difficult for him to adapt to the job of being a celebrity, he even questioned whether he would be able to bear it.

Jin thought about those students or workers who focus on school or looking for a job, ensuring that we are always busy and that sometimes the days are difficult in our daily routine, so he advises having a hobby to relax.

Having a hobby, like reading a book in the afternoon, listening to music, watching movies, or drawing something at a certain time of the day, can help us distract our minds and forget a little about the burden of responsibilities.

The idol assured that he has been able to face stress due to all the love he receives from fans, so he wants them to fight together to overcome each day.

Jin is not the only one to give advice that you can apply in your daily life, Suga, who admitted wanting to study a little psychology to help others, has a literary recommendation with “Reiventa tu vida” , a book that will help you finish with those self-destructive behaviors.


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