Jin gives an emotional talk on self-love


Jin moved thousands of ARMYs with a speech about self-love during a BTS awards show, which undoubtedly brought tears to many people.

The Bangtan boys have performed great feats during 2020, driving the ARMY crazy on more than one occasion, as members like Jin have stood out for their incredible teachings to their fans.

Now it was Jin who moved the ARMY to tears with an emotional speech during a BTS awards show, in which he spoke about a personal anecdote and about self-love, as well as the power it has.

In the last hours, Seokjin has become an international trend for his statements, which undoubtedly left a great lesson to his followers and encouraged them to continue.

Jin moves with a beautiful speech

During one of BTS’s award shows, Jin was the one who stood out for a touching story he shared with the ARMY, revealing that even though he is now one of the most beloved idols on the scene, this was not always the case.

According to what we found out in Somagnews, Seokjin had a very difficult adolescence, since he lacked self-esteem, which made his day-to-day work very difficult, and it was very difficult for him to get ahead.

He also revealed that his career was an essential trigger for him to apply the much-needed change he needed in his life, since self-love came hand in hand with the love that the ARMY provided him after debuting with BTS.

The best teaching Jin left

In the speech, Jin revealed that when he was a student he did not love himself, but when he started working in this profession he received a lot of love from many people, then he began to love himself ”

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So far it has not been revealed if the video of the speech is already on YouTube, but we will inform you as soon as it is available, so you can see it with your own eyes and feel the emotion that Jin felt.


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