Jin gets a warm hug from another man and ARMY reacts


Jin was surprised with a warm hug from another man, this in the new BTS reality show.

There is no doubt that BTS has become a musical phenomenon of international stature, that is why it is not at all surprising that everything that happens around the lives of the seven members is immediately viralized by all social networks, especially if it is signs of affection or some indication that arouses rumors of a relationship.

For example, we have one of the last episodes of ‘In The SOOP’, the new BTS reality show, which has allowed the ARMY to know a little more about the life of the seven members when they are off stage, but The moment that caught the attention of the entire fandom was seeing Jungkook hug Jin in surprise.

Jungkook surprises Jin with a tender hug

Everyone knows that there is a great friendship between Jin and Jungkook, as both idols have had no regrets in showing affection in public and the reality show of ‘In The SOOP’ was no exception, since the Golden Maknae surprised the ARMY and Worldwide Handsome himself by giving him a warm hug from behind.

This adorable moment occurs while the Bangtan Boys were enjoying dinner in the corridor of the house where the program is recorded, but it turns out that it was terribly cold that night that forced Jungkook to seek warmth, so he decided to hug Jin, who At first he was surprised but in the end he allowed himself to be loved by his partner.

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ARMY did not hesitate to react to the image of Jin and Jungkook hugging, because on social networks comments from thousands of fans are read, who praised the friendship that exists between idols, which is considered one of the strongest within BTS.


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