Jin gave ARMY a special gift for the fandom’s anniversary


Jin celebrated the anniversary of his fandom with a message and a special gift for BTS fans. The BTS fandom turned seven years old and Jin prepared a gift for all the followers of the group.

A festive atmosphere has surrounded BTS during the last season, recently these idols celebrated one more year since their debut with the completion of FESTA 2020, but remember that almost a month after the release of the song No More Dream, BTS released the name that his fandom would carry from then on.

Therefore, the celebration of the ARMYs was immediate . With special messages and a large number of memories that fill them with emotion and pride, they expressed their joy for belonging to this fandom .

But BTS fans weren’t the only ones celebrating this anniversary , as Jin also posted a cute congratulatory message to his fans.

Using his Weverse account, Jin greeted the followers of BTS and also gave them a very special gift that surely brightened the day of all ARMY.

ARMY, happy birthday. The present is Seokjinie

It is a photograph of himself that accompanied the celebration message written by the idol, showing that fandom is always a very special part of his life.

It was recently announced that BTS will be part of the OST for the movie Your Eyes Tell, although this film will be released until the end of October, a preview has already been revealed about the music that the idol group prepared.

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