Jin, funny anecdote of his mother at a concert


A few months ago, Jin told Jimin during a live broadcast (V LIVE) a funny anecdote about his mother when she went to see him at a BTS concert.

BTS’s Jin, nicknamed worldwide handsome, has always been known for having a great sense of humor and entertaining everyone with jokes and excellent anecdotes that make everyone laugh.

On some occasion while broadcasting live with Jimin, he told a great anecdote about his mother, who on one occasion went to see him sing at a concert.

Jin told everything LIVE

The anecdote was related in “Eat Jin”, where the young idol usually broadcasts while eating some of his favorite dishes and this is one of the favorite segments of ARMY, who surely died laughing.

Kim Seokjin said that on one occasion his mother went to see him at a BTS show, however, as much as he screamed, jumped and tried to get his attention, he did not distinguish  from the ARMY.

“Sometimes my family comes to our concerts, they tell me where they are, I’m not good at detecting people,” he said.

Jin couldn’t find his mother at the concert

Jin’s mother tried to get his attention by all means while his son was on stage, but he did not see his, as he argued, he was like a euphoric ARMY.

He said to me: ‘”How could you? I was screaming like that, how could you not find me?”

Before the hilarious claim of his mother, Jin replied: “mother, all the people around you do the same, just stay still, that will make you stand out and I can see you.”

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