Jin fulfills his dream and meets his childhood idol


Jin met one of the Korean stars who inspired his career since he was a child, this is how he fulfilled his dream.

BTS’s Jin fulfills his dream and meets his childhood idol Kim Nam Gil at the GDA, the actor has been one of the idol’s inspirations during his student days.

The K-pop group of BigHit attended the two days in which the Golden Disk Awards were developed , in addition to winning awards, they broke a new record by being the idols with the highest number of Daesang in said ceremony, but Jin won more than a trophy, the idol got to meet one of his favorite stars.

Despite his international celebrity status, Jin still has dreams to fulfill like any young adult, just as he is an idol and inspiration for ARMY thanks to BTS’s music., the idol has been a fan of act Kim Nam Gil since he was a child and was finally able to meet him and share a few words with him.

Although he has focused mainly on music, Jin has expressed his desire to act, because when he studied the university he decided to specialize in theater and film, one of his inspirations being Kim Nam Gil.


During the GDA, Kim Nam Gil came as a presenter for one of the categories, so Jin took the opportunity to finally meet him personally, the idol approached him while they were on stage and admitted that he really wanted to meet him.

According to Korean portals, the actor returned the gesture and was also glad to see it, in addition, he said he loved it. Both have been fans of the other, he as an actor and Jin with BTS , his specialization in Theater and Film was thanks to the inspiration he gave the singer after his performance in “Queen Seondeok”.

Since his debut, Jin


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revealed who he admired since he was a child and after so many years he was able to meet his idol. Until now, ARMY is looking forward to the opportunity to see him perform and accomplish other of his career goals.

Just as he has a role model for inspiration, Jin is also one for ARMY. The idol shared a tip on mental health with his fans.