Jin from BTS topped the “100 most attractive Asian Celebrities of 2022” — see the full list


Among Asian celebrities with first-class looks, Jin from BTS has secured the place of the most attractive!

Meanwhile, these K-pop idols have also entered the top 100! Is your bias on the list?

Jin from BTS is recognized as the “most attractive Asian celebrity of 2022”

On October 1, K-pop website King Choice announced the results of its recent survey of the “100 Most Attractive Asian Celebrities of 2022”. According to the rating, Jin from BTS topped the list of attractive Asians. The male idol proved his strong popularity with the absolute support of fans from all over the world, gaining a total of 894,785 votes.

In the entertainment industry, Jin is known by his nickname “The World’s Hunk”. This is because of his golden ratio face, not to mention his attractive personality, which the general public loves the most.

In fact, not only K-pop fans show interest and support for the idol, but also artists such as Park Ha Sob, TXT Subin, Somaya Elhashab, Howie Mandel and others.

But apart from looks, Jin from BTS has a lot to offer, especially in the field of music and acting. Jin is considered one of the most anticipated solo artists by fans, and the beginning of the second arc of the septet focuses on their individual efforts.

Thanks to Jin’s ability to become a hot topic on social media, even when he is standing, this will be a huge factor confirming his success when he starts a solo career.

The Japanese K-pop media master also praised Jin as one of his K-pop idols, looking forward to his acting debut with great anticipation, highlighting his outstanding acting abilities in BTS music videos.

Fans around the world are increasingly expecting that Jin, who has a variety of charms, including an attractive aura, unsurpassed appearance and natural musical abilities, will show his future movements.

The 100 most attractive Asian Celebrities of 2022: Lucas from NCT, Jimin from BTS, Siobhan from Super Junior and others
Finally, among the idols of the fourth generation Stray Kids Hyunjin, ATEEZ Yeosang were among the few who proved their strength by getting into the top 100.

Here is the full list of K-pop idols selected for the “100 Most Attractive Asian Celebrities of 2022”:

#1 – Jin from BTS
#2 – Lucas from NCT
#4 – Jimin from BTS
#7 – Wang Ibo
#8 Kim Hyunjun
#10 – Super Junior Donghae
#11 – Siobhan Super Junior
#12 — Jung Yonghwa from CNBLUE
#13 – Choi Minho from SHINee
#15 – NCT Utah
#16 – Jeongguk from BTS
#17 – BTS Vi
#18 – Hyunjin Stray Kids
House #19
#21 – Heechol from Super Junior
#22- ASTRO Cha Eun Woo
#23 – Chanel from EXO
#25 – Dry from EXO
house #26
#27 – Jackson from GOT7
House #29
#30 – Sehun from EXO
House No. 32
house No. 35
House No. 36
house No. 37
house No. 41
#44 – Kihyun from MONSTA X
#46 – Hyungwon from MONSTA X
#49 – Baekhyun from EXO
house #50
#51- NCT Jaehen
House No. 55
House No. 57
house No.59
#61 – NCT Taehen
house No. 66
house No. 69
house No. 70
house No. 72
#73 – Luhan (ex EXO)
#76 — Hwang Minhyun (ex NU’EST)
House #78
house #87
#88 – On Sung Woo (ex WANNA ONE)
house No. 90
house No. 91
#92 – Lai Guanlin (former WANNA ONE)
house No. 94
house No. 95


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