Jin From BTS Talks About Why His Military Service Was Postponed And Reflects on The Hatred The Group Received Because of It


Jin from BTS has finally released his solo “The Astronaut”, and it’s everything we could have dreamed of, and even more!

During the walk, Gene talked about his feelings shortly before his appearance at a Coldplay concert in Argentina.

In particular, he discussed military service, a topic that has been very difficult for members in recent months. He is well aware of the hatred that the group has received due to requests for release from some members of the government, and wanted to return to this.

First, he started with a pinch of humor by saying:

“I’m going to talk a little bit about Voldemort for us, about the “action that cannot be called” or about military service.

After finishing my performance in Argentina, I think I will fill out the forms for mandatory service as soon as I land in Korea. »

He explained that he actually wanted to join the army much earlier, but several events changed the situation.

“Initially, the members and I discussed my intention to enlist in the military shortly after the release of the album “BE”. However, that summer, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, our song “Dynamite” took the first place in the Billboard “Hot 100”. Because of his unexpected success, I could not immediately join the army. We were still in the midst of a pandemic, and to repay the fans for the love they showed us, we decided to work on “Butter” and “Permission To Dance”. These two songs also performed well, so it was wrong to drop everything and leave the members and fans.”

It seems that Jin himself was stunned by the achievements of the group.

“After “Permission To Dance” we decided that I should participate in our concerts before starting the mandatory service. I also told the participants that if I joined the army, performing on stage would be one of the things I would miss the most. So we successfully completed our concerts, but after that we were invited to the Grammys. So I thought: “Okay, I’m going for the Grammys.”

So, Jin had new plans, but they were thwarted again.

“I was supposed to enroll around May or June of this year, and the company gave me the green light. In June, we even talked about temporarily stopping our group promotions and starting solo promotions. For me, it was a roundabout way of saying that I was going to say goodbye to everyone for a while because of the mandatory service. I told the members that I wanted to enlist in the summer or, at the latest, in the fall. But then there was a concert in Busan, and the participants said: “This may be the last chance for us to perform together in Korea, the seven of us,” and also: “We didn’t have a real concert where we could hear the voice of our Korean fans.” So they convinced me to wait until after the Busan concert. »

Finally, Jin returned to the hatred received due to the issue of the group’s military service.

“In Korea, all the participants and I got a lot of hate for this whole ordeal. To be honest, some part of me is upset. The only reason we didn’t announce our position regarding military service was because we didn’t want the ARMY to cry at our concert in Busan. But so many people were talking about us, saying, “They should be released” or “It’s their duty to serve,” and the controversy grew. Even though it made us feel bad, at least I’m glad I didn’t see our fans in tears during our concert. The criticism was worth enduring.”

Gene always thinks of ARMY first.


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