Jin From BTS Said That He Still Thinks About The Members, Even With His Solo Project


On October 28, a special event took place for BTS fans: Gene’s solo release “The Astronaut”.

As expected, the music video is emotional and full of references and images echoing BTS and ARMY.

Along with the release of the title, a video was shown in which Jin introduces his song, where he openly talks about what it means to him.

What really touched the fans was that he said at the very beginning that the BTS members are always with him.

“I always greet the participants. I’m a little shy and nervous because I say hello to myself. – Jin

Jin further explained that songs were released to celebrate his birthday, fans, and then added that his solo tracks were also on BTS albums. Nevertheless, despite this, the fact that it was his own album with his own name made him very nervous.

Of course, Jin is very happy that the fans will listen to his work. And again he was talking about members and their importance.

“While preparing for my solo, I again felt the importance of the participants. – Gin

And we know that the participants are also present to support this! It’s amazing to see their friendship and connection even in their solo projects.


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