Jin falls in love with the Samsung Galaxy promotion


Jin and the BTS guys fell ARMY in love with the look they used for the Samsung Galaxy promo.

BTS surprised the ARMY with a new collaboration photoshoot from Samsung to promote the Galaxy 2020 collection, which immediately went viral on all social networks because the members wore elegant suits that made them look more handsome than ever.

Kim Seok-jin was one of the BTS boys who most attracted the ARMY’s attention, as it is well known that the 27-year-old idol has an unparalleled gallantry, which he managed to stand out on this occasion by wearing a black suit with plaid white and a red tie with white prints while holding the new Galaxy Note 20 in his hand.

The image of the Worldwide Handsome of the band managed to exceed 164 thousand likes on Twitter just 5 hours after being published on the official Samsung Mobile account and in the comments you can find thousands of compliments that the ARMY has dedicated to the idol.

Jin conquers Spotify with his song ‘Epiphany’

In other news, a Twitter account dedicated to supporting Jin’s solo achievements reported that his song ‘Epiphany’, from the hit South Korean band’s ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ album, has managed to surpass 90 million streams on Spotify. .

This amount makes Jin’s song his most played song on the popular streaming platform, a fact that excites the ARMY because it is a sign that the idol continues to gain strength within the international music industry.

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But that is not the only achievement that the oldest member of BTS has reaped with ‘Epiphany’, as it was also announced that the comeback trailer published on YouTube two years ago has exceeded 67 million visits within the platform and all thanks to the support that ARMY has given to said song of ‘Love Yourself: Answer’.


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