Jin explains your main reason for listening to “Moon”


BTS’s Jin talked about his solo song “Moon” and why he thinks that the public should listen to this song even once in a lifetime.

BTS’s albums are full of surprises, “Moon” is one of the songs that you can’t miss, and Jin explained the reasons that motivate him to recommend it.

The wait for a new album has sparked ARMY excitement, but the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are also looking forward to this release. Before the next premiere, Seokjin chose a song that she would like her followers to listen to.

All members of the group worked diligently to create new songs that will be included in BE. According to them, this will be an album that perfectly reflects how they are, yes that the curiosity to know the lyrics and musical styles increases every moment, however, the fans have not been able to overcome the previous songs of the idols.

Moon is Jin’s favorite song?

In a recent interview via the Japanese fan cafe, the BTS vocalist was asked to recommend a melody that fans should pay close attention to. The idol chose “Moon” and shared the reasons why this is a special song.

Jin revealed that he worked alongside Slow Rabbit to create it, and the lyrics were written while filming Bon Voyage. According to the idol, while flying by plane, she thought that there was a topic she wanted to talk about through her music, so reading the lyrics carefully will be very important.

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If you enjoyed listening to Moon, you will love BTS’s upcoming songs. As we have informed you in Somagnews, the new BangTan album will arrive on November 20, along with the new single “Life Goes On”.

However, ARMY loves every single song the group has released since their debut. And they are already counting the hours for the premiere of “BE”. Are you ready to listen to BTS’s new music? What is your favorite Jin song?


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