Jin explains the weirdest thing he carries in his bag


BTS’s Jin has revealed what utensil he has left in his bag for a long time and even though he doesn’t use it, he always has it with him.

Jin is a singer, dancer and Mr. Worldwide Handsome. Kim Seokjin (also known by his stage name Jin) is one of the performers of the award-winning K-pop group BTS, who appears in songs like “Dynamite” and “Black Swan.” Although he sometimes acts younger, he is also the oldest idol in the boy band.

“As an older member, I think I experienced the world a little earlier than many people my age, so I think I am an adult. I act like a child on purpose. But I feel like an adult when I talk to my friends and they ask me for advice, ”he said of his age, according to the South China Morning Post.

Jin confessed in BTS’s 7-second interview

For a YouTube video, the idols of this band answered questions in seven seconds. One of the questions asked was what does Jin have in his bag. Surprisingly, the artist shared that he always has a utensil with him. In true Jin fashion, he doesn’t know why he has it, but he does.

“There is always a spoon in my bag. I do not know why. I never use it, so it’s there, ”Jin said during the interview. He laughed right after answering the question.

He would not be the first BTS member to carry a bag, as J-Hope had a bag that he personally handed to a fan after a concert.

Jin and other BTS members talk about Dynamite

This 7-second interview brought up some other unique responses from the BTS members. Fans learned how Jin describes Dynamite (as a “boom”) and how RM would avoid being hit by dynamite. There was even a clip of V throwing a basketball.

This interview came together with the colorful, upbeat and retro song “Dynamite,” which premiered in early August 2020. As the first song of a new era, the BTS members shared that they wanted something to make their fans happy. during these difficult times.

Although Jin performs songs with BTS, such as the recent release “Dynamite”, he also has several solo songs, including “Moon” from Map of the Soul: 7. “Epiphany” has more than 85 million views on the Spotify streaming platform. . Do you also carry a spoon in your bag? Tell us, what is the strangest thing you have in your bag?

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