Jin explains the terrible Crisis that his brother went through


Singer Jin of BTS has revealed that his brother is currently suffering a terrible crisis in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The boys of BTS have not stopped giving something to talk about, because during an interview with the boyband on the MBC Radio Music Camp program, held this Wednesday, September 14, Jin decided to share how difficult this situation has been for his older brother Kim Seokjung.

It should be noted that this issue arose while the members answered a question about their interests in these months in addition to music, as Jin revealed that he spends time talking with his family member to find strategies to help solve his restaurant, as he explained:

My brother has a food business and it is difficult in recent months due to the COVID-19 situation. We meet and think together to try to figure out how to make things better.

The sad words of Jin from BTS

It turns out that the famous BTS vocalist mentioned that this experience helped him understand in part what many other owners in the country have been through since the outbreak began:

I think I can understand to some degree what so many people have been through because of COVID-19. He (his brother) even sold his car to boost his business. That broke my heart so I have tried to come up with ideas to help.

If we remember a little, the idol and his hyung opened the Ossu Seiromushi restaurant in 2018. Seokjung is the CEO and main owner, while Jin takes on the role of director and co-owner. The place focuses on traditional Japanese food and is located near Seokchon Lake Park and Lotte World.

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It should be noted that the singer’s fans appreciated the confidence he had when sharing this situation on the air and also specified that since Seokjung was the older brother, it was likely that he wanted to take responsibility for the economic issue on his own and not take advantage of the fame or wealth of your family member.


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