Jin Demonstrates His Support For TXT in an Original Way


The idol gave one of his iconic answers again.

ARMY knows that Jin always gives the most original and fun answers, whether you need advice or leave messages in the Weverse community, the idol always has an ingenious way to respond and his business colleagues, TXT , are no exception .

The boys made their Japanese debut officially, so BTS , like the older brothers, sent them a video to give them support and give them a message.

Everyone encouraged TXT, but Jin decided to praise her beauty in her own way. When it was his turn, he said that he occupies the position of the most handsome in BigHit, but he admitted that the boys were also cute and he must recognize him. LOL


The idol has always shown that he has great self-esteem, something that has served as an inspiration for fans to love themselves as they are, because they are all beautiful and Jin knows it.


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