Jin congratulates RM on his birthday with a special surprise


The BTS members congratulated RM on his birthday and Jin shared the surprise he planned for this idol. RM’s birthday has sparked the excitement of fans, but his fellow Big Hit Entertainment group members have prepared some surprises for him as well, so Seokjin showed fans the beginning of the celebration.

A few hours before September 12 began in the South Korean time, BTS’s Twitter account had an update from Jin that filled all the followers of the idol group with tenderness.

It is a video where we cannot see an image clearly, but there are some lights that reveal the movement of the person in charge of the phone.

Jin is the one who moves forward while shouting a congratulatory message for the leader of BTS, the emotion in his voice is clear, and the fans appreciated that Seokjin shared this special moment through social media.

What Jin shouts in the video is also the text that accompanies this post on Twitter, which translates as:

Namjoon, Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday brother!

Look the following video:

Meanwhile, around the world a wave of messages has already started congratulating RM through social networks and with very diverse projects to celebrate such a special day, we will tell you all about them.

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