Jin congratulates Jimin a very original way on his birthday


Jimin became a trend on social media thanks to his 25th birthday (26 in South Korea). ARMY and the BTS members filled the idol with congratulations and good wishes, but the message that Jin gave him on this special day drew a lot of attention for its originality.

Park Jimin has completed one more year of life, the BTS member was born on October 13, 1995 in Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea; Reason why the fandom and the K-Pop group are celebrating. Since the early hours of this day, the Serendipity interpreter has received thousands of messages of joy and love from the people most important to him.

As the day progressed, the BTS members began posting various messages on their official Twitter account to congratulate their partner. From photos, videos and words of love, the members of the K-Pop band found the best way to show their love for Jimin.

Jimin met up with his peers for dinner and starred in a fun photo where the idols tried to cover the mark on the bottle of wine they were tasting at the time, which will likely be sold-out later. LOL!

A cute video of Jimin and J-Hope climbing purple stairs with various phrases printed on each step was also shared. Hobi’s congratulations was also very special since he published one more video where we can see both idols laughing and making funny faces, which was recorded the same day that the photo that J-Hope included in the Promise CD was taken. gifted Jimin on an episode of Run BTS !. This was a great time to relive those old memories. <3

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However, when it was Jin’s turn to congratulate Jimin, the biggest member of BTS didn’t hesitate to do something very special for the birthday boy.

Jin summed up his feelings for Jimin with a very simple phrase, but one that comes from the bottom of his heart. The idol wrote:

Jimin-ah, happy birthday. Jin.

What was peculiar about his congratulations was that Jin’s message was written on nothing more and nothing less than on a napkin. Yes, one of those large and super absorbent ones that are basic in any kitchen. LOL!


This is yet another sign that money doesn’t matter when it comes to letting someone special know that you love him, and Jin had no qualms about showing Jimin his love in the most unique and genuine way. <3

Have you already congratulated Jimin?

Jimin’s birthday, like Jungkook and RM’s, was filled with excitement thanks to some incredible news. The K-Pop band broke a new record on Billboard thanks to Dyamite and Savage Love, we tell you everything we know.


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