Jin COMPETE to be the best face of 2020 ARMY Alert!


BTS’s Jin is now part of a contest that needs the support of the entire ARMY to be the best face of 2020.

BTS’s Jin is one of the most handsome boys in the band boy and the ARMY had waited for the nomination of Jin, who is now part of the contest for the 100 most beautiful faces of this 2020.

It seems that now the ARMY will have a new competition in which they can show their love for the members of the idol group, as Jin has just joined the nominees for the 100 most beautiful faces of 2020 contest.

It should be noted that this attractive contest is organized by TC Candler, who each year shares photographs of different celebrities through their social networks and opens the vote for the public to support them using their likes.

Regarding the voting of this contest, it has been highlighted that anyone can vote for their favorite artist and make him part of the list of The 100 most beautiful faces of that year.

That is why the ARMY celebrates that from now on, Jin is already one of the nominees for this competition, living up to his nickname Worldwide Handsome.

For his part, TC Candler shared a photograph of Jin that belongs to the teasers that BTS released to promote the premiere of Dynamite, an image where he wears yellow clothes and is recharged on a game machine.

Apparently the seven members of BTS have joined the candidates who will possibly be part of the final list of the most beautiful faces in the world, while recently BTS achieved some records thanks to the premiere of Dynamite.

Notably, the K-pop phenomenon BTS has achieved the most views on YouTube with the debut of a video. “Dynamite”, the Korean group’s first English song, managed to capture 3 million live visitors, double the audience for the second-biggest debut ever.

Do you think Jin will be among the first places in this competition? Is BTS’s Jin face attractive?

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