Jin changes the name and image of his company


Jin changes the name and image of his company. The idol gave fans a moment of unexpected fun after posting a photo.

It has been 5 years of the fun time that Jin changed the company name to register as the image of this corporation, so ARMY remember how nice it was to see that update in networks boys.

On that day, the idol shared a photograph of him in front of the Big Hit logo , covering part of the word ‘Big’, also added a description saying that because he looked very handsome that day he had decided to share the image with his fans.

For its part, the company’s official account decided to interact with him and play along, sending him a screenshot of the Facebook account in which they had changed the name of BigHit Entertainment to JinHit Entertainment. In addition, they added ‘Of course, Jin is everything, for today we are JinHit Entertainment’ the peculiar response was very funny for the group’s fans, so after several years they still keep this memory.

Jin added an extra response after noticing the interaction of his company’s account with the group’s (from which he was tweeting), laughingly replying ‘what is this?’ and I love you’. Do you remember this moment?


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