Jin celebrates his 8th anniversary as a K-pop artist


Jin celebrates his 8th anniversary as a K-pop artist. Bangtan’s oldest member Sonyeondan overcame any obstacle and managed to fulfill one of his dreams. This is his story.

Jin showed his artistic quality and evolution throughout the years of his career with BTS. Learn about the K-pop band member’s success story and celebrate the idol’s eighth anniversary within the South Korean music industry.

Kim Seok Jin was born on December 4, 1992 in the city of Anyang Gwangcheon in South Korea. The artist’s first loves were swimming and snowboarding, shortly after he met acting and began to dream of becoming a great actor.


Jin was contacted by one of the talent agents of the agency Big Hit Entertainment , he offered him a casting to enter as a K-pop trainee at the company founded by music producer Bang Si Hyuk.

The oldest member of the band joined Big Hit, thanks to his effort, perseverance and dedication during classes, he received a place as a member of the official lineup of Bangtan Sonyeondan , a group that would debut in 2013 with the song ‘No More Dream ‘.


8 years ago, through YouTube, Jin published his first blog on BANGTANTV, he introduced himself to ARMY, who immediately fell in love with the sweetness, charisma, talents and personality of the vocalist.

The international fandom took to social networks and online platforms, commented on the excitement for the long journey they traveled with Jin , created the # 8YearsWithMoon trend, where they remembered iconic moments of the star.


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Other netizens posted images, videos and collages with the physical evolution of the ’24 -7 Heaven ‘interpreter, the BTS member continues to look like a dreamy, pleasant, bright and cheerful boy. Congratulations to Jin !


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