Jin celebrates Halloween with two adorable new selcas


BTS’s Jin has shared some new selcas on Instagram, in which he shows off the ARMY how they celebrate Halloween.

Halloween has arrived and BTS has not lost the opportunity to share with ARMY the fun costumes they used for this 2020 on social networks, because although due to the current coronavirus pandemic parties or mass meetings cannot be organized, the boys wanted to celebrate it in one so special that it has enchanted many.

Jin has been one of the members of the group who has not hesitated to share new selcas on Instagram, this in order to show off his funny Halloween costume and incidentally show his gallantry before the camera, something that ARMY has already gotten used to. .

On this occasion, the Worldwide Handsome wanted to impress all his loyal fans with two new photographs, which show that the idol did not want to miss this time of year, one of the most anticipated by millions of people around the world .

Jin celebrates Halloween with ARMY on Instagram

ARMY was surprised to see the new selcas that Jin shared on Instagram this afternoon, because in it we can see the idol wearing a simple outfit before the camera, which consists of a white shirt and a black blazer, but what The most striking was that on his left cheek he had a figure of a ghost stuck.


“Boo ~~~ Happy Halloween!”, Jin wrote in the Instagram post, which managed to exceed 365 thousand likes in less than five hours.

Almost immediately, the fans filled Jin with praise, who apparently decided that his Halloween costume for this 2020 is just a sticker of a ghost and a plastic pumpkin, this in order that his gallantry is not lost in these terrifying dates.

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Did you like Jin’s new selcas for Instagram? Do you think the idol looks cute in her Halloween costume for this year? Leave your answer in the comments, La Verdad Noticias is interested in your opinion.


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