Jin from BTS turns 27 and fans climb hashtag #HappyJinDay on Twitter to celebrate, check it out!


Jin from BTS turns 27 and fans climb hashtag #HappyJinDay on Twitter to celebrate, check it out!

On Tuesday (03), which is already Wednesday (04) in South Korea, singer Jin, also called Kim Seok-jin, a member of the BTS k-pop group, is turning 27 years old.

Fans of the group and Jin couldn’t let this date go blank, so they climbed Twitter’s Trending Topics from several countries, including Brazil, the hashtag #HappyJinDay. In the tag fans make a declaration of love for the artist, post their photos and videos and more, each fan does something different.

More about Jin

Jin joined BTS in 2013 and her talent was discovered by BigHit while walking down the street, she who was studying to be an actor was invited to a model test, but in the end ended up in a very different area, the song. He is one of the singers of BTS, outside the group he released the track “Awake” and duet with Jungkook on the track “So Far Away”.

This year he released the solo track “Tonight” for the BTS Festa project.

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