Jin breaks new record with Moon on iTunes


Jin’s song ‘Moon’ is one of the few tunes that has managed to hold the number 1 spot in several countries on an important music list.

BTS released the record material ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ in early 2020, the K-pop group had resounding success with each song that is part of the tracklist, one of the most exciting melodies for ARMY is ‘Moon’, written by Jin

The biggest member of the Bangtan Boys revealed in an interview with Spotify that he had composed the lyrics for ‘Moon’ thinking how the moon saw planet Earth in the distance. Oww how deep!

Another detail that Kim Seok Jin explained about ‘Moon’ is that the earth represents ARMY, his loyal fandom loves that they are always inspired by the support and impulse that they give to the boys of the Big Hit Entertainment band.

Thanks to all the love that ‘Moon’ has received from Internet users around the world, Jin has managed to break a new brand, the singer’s track is at number 1 on the chart of 100 countries on the music platform from iTunes.

‘Moon ‘entered # 1 on the iTunes list in Nigeria, with this new position in that territory, BTS’s Jin joins his partner Taehyung and Adele as the only solo singers with 100 numbers 1.

BTS fans are celebrating the new brand of ‘Moon’, other BTS songs to have 100 numbers 1 are: ‘Black Swan’ from the album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ and ‘Your Eyes Tell’ from the album in Japanese ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’.

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