Jin breaks a record with “Moon” + new BTS hits


Jin has set a record with Moon + new BTS hits.

BTS’s Jin has managed to top the iTunes charts in 98 countries with Moon, being the b-side song by a Korean artist to hit the most # 1 on the platform.

On the other hand, BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 has received the Ultratop gold certificate in Belgium, for selling more than 10,000 copies.

Additionally, BTS has revealed the support it needs from ARMY to achieve its goals with Dynamite in the following image:

They also shared the following schedule for the release and promotion of their new single Dynamite:

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the movie Bring The Soul: The Movie 2019 is under review for possible release in theaters this year.

Finally, the boys have shared the trailer for their upcoming reality show titled In the SOOP BTS See:

It is scheduled to be broadcast on JTBC on August 19.

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