Jin becomes the angel of donations


ARMY’s good deeds inspired by Jin earned the BTS idol the title of most supportive K-pop artist. Jin is a fun and smiling person, another of his characteristics is his huge heart. Bangtan’s oldest member Sonyeondan won the ‘Best Donation Celebrity’ mention for an incredible reason.

BTS used his voice in different international grouping causes, idols of the K-pop joined forces with important organizations nonprofit dedicated to lead campaigns to eradicate violence and promote self – esteem.

The singers and rappers of the Big Hit Entertainment boy band contributed a significant amount of money to international social movements and worked with institutions in South Korea.

Jin is one of the BTS members who inspired ARMY to stand in solidarity with those most in need. For months, the fandom has organized fundraisers to donate them to different organizations .


Due to Kim Seokjin’s and ARMY’s impact on philanthropy, Idol Chart named Bangtan Sonyeondan’s oldest member as the king of donations. We tell you all the details below.

South Korean media reported that Jin received the title of ‘Best Giving Celebrity’ due to ARMY accumulating a large number of monetary contributions since October 2018.

That is, Jin fans collected money through projects and dynamics, the proceeds were awarded to a popular institution that is responsible for looking out for the interests of boys and girls.

Since the end of 2018, the multiple donations reached the Holt Child Welfare Association, registered on behalf of Kim Seokjin , so the system accumulated the receipts and the Idol Chart immediately recognized the work of the BTS member .

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