Jin has a backup plan in case BTS goes bankrupt


BTS member already has a plan on how this gift could be a solution for their future.

The boys of BTS already have more than 100 episodes of RUN during which they have provided us with a large number of moments of joy and fun while we see them perform various activities and meet the challenges that the show staff assigns them, therefore, They received a gift as thanks , but in addition to surprising them, he has given them a reservation plan for their future.


The RUN staff recognized the effort that the members of the group have made during this time and also applauded their ability to reach the heart of ARMY and always make their followers laugh, therefore, they prepared some gifts, among them were a series of Photographs taken during their concerts , where they had captured happy moments from the boys.

But that was not all, each of the BTS members received a plaque with a thank you engraved on it, when they opened the small boxes that housed these gifts, they realized that they were made of gold, so they showed their surprise and quickly they got up to take the gift that was due to them.

A little incredulous, they asked if it was really gold , but after receiving a positive response, they began to admire their plates more closely, the silence was broken when Jin had a great idea, because he said that if things got difficult in the future, They could sell those plates to help their economy.

After this episode of RUN , the idol returned home with a backup plan in case they ever go bankrupt, though that’s probably not necessary as the group continues to accumulate achievements and climb to the top of success around the world. .

If you want to see the full episode where the boys received the plates, click here.


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