#Jin Announces The Release Of His New Solo Album During BTS’ “Yet To Come” Concert In Busan


BTS concluded their “Yet to Come” concert in Busan with a speech by each member, and all seven of them not only shared their love and gratitude to ARMY, but also told fans about what else they can expect to see in the group. the second chapter.

In June, on their 9th anniversary, it was announced that all seven of them would begin building their solo careers in parallel with the band’s activities. This exciting news was soon followed by the release of Jay-Hope’s very first solo album called “Jack In The Box“, which had only 10 songs, including his record-breaking song “MORE”, where the idol showed a completely new side of himself.

During today’s closing speech, Jin announced that fans will soon hear his new album, making him the second member to start building a solo career. “I have a new album coming out,” he said. “It’s not that important, it’s just a single. I managed to work with a man I really adore. I have a lot of content that I want to share with you, so I hope you enjoy it.”

Although Jin hasn’t released any albums yet, idol has certainly managed to prove to the public that he really has the voice of an angel in his solo songs that have been released on some BTS albums over the past few years. years, in addition to some of his surprise songs, which were posted separately on the band’s official YouTube channel; where among hundreds of downloads is his iconic song “Super Tuna”.

“Jin has just announced that the next album we will receive belongs to him; everyone get up!” a user wrote on Twitter. ARMY is now trying to create a “KSJ1 IS COMING” trend, and we’re sure it won’t take long to rack up thousands of tweets!


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