Jin and V wish “weirdest” during the Chuseok celebration


Seokjin and Taehyung had some pretty funny wishes for Chuseok, which they shared on Bangtan TV.

BTS’s Chuseok wishes for this year are nothing like the years before. The group members also made fan-inspired wishes on the Korean national holiday.

The seven-member group had vivid wishes in store. Outside of the group, BTS’s V and the oldest member Jin had the strangest wishes.

BTS reveals their Chuseok wishes

BTS shared the video on September 29 on their official Bangtan Tv YouTube channel. The group members were dressed in traditional hanboks for the video.

RM wanted peace for everyone. Jungkook wished for the wishes of all the members to come true.

By the time the ‘wish ball’ reached Jin and V, all wishes were mostly covered according to Jin. So Jin had something else to pray for.

Jin comically prayed for all living beings on planet earth to be happy. In his amused wish, he prayed for tiny beings like mosquitoes, wasps, and insects. As he wished it, the members started laughing.

V, on the other hand, was influenced by his co-member Jimin, who caused that, ‘There are other planets too’, to this V said: “I pray to God that there are aliens on earth.”

This was also found funny by the band members as all of them couldn’t control their laughter at this.

One of the older members, Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, was the one who ended the video on a serious note. “He hoped that the COVID-19 situation would end soon and that people would get back to their daily lives.” He also wished people happiness in the coming days.

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What is the Chuseok that BTS celebrated?

Chuseok is the Korean way of celebrating Thanksgiving. The national holiday is celebrated every fall and is one of the most important days for native Koreans.

According to Korean folk traditions and native history, the day is celebrated on the 15th of the eighth month of autumn, which can have changing days.

The day is also called Hangawi according to a 90-day Korean website. Celebrations range from expressing gratitude to the elderly to celebrating with traditional rice or Soju food and wine. People also believe in getting together with family and having a party. What was the wish that you liked the most about the BangTan?


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