Jin and Suga accompany the beat of ‘Dynamite’ on TikTok


Jin and Suga have starred in fun video for TikTok to the rhythm of ‘Dynamite’, the new hit from BTS.

Jin and Suga have stolen the heart of the ARMY thanks to a video that Big Hit Entertainment shared on BTS’s official account on TikTok, as it shows the idols dancing to the rhythm of ‘Dynamite’, the group’s new song that it has conquered the charts since its opening week.

Talking about BTS is talking about one of the most successful K-Pop bands around the world at the moment, which is why it is not at all surprising that the seven members are always the subject of conversation on social networks, especially when they are caught enjoying life when they are not on stage.

On this occasion we will tell you about a video that has captivated the entire fandom of the South Korean group because it allows us to see the great friendship that exists between Jin and Suga, who did not hesitate to have fun while dancing to the rhythm of ‘Dynamite ‘, his new song.

Jin and Suga dance to the beat of ‘Dynamite’

Through TikTok, a video was shared that shows Jin and Suga wearing black pants and a white shirt, who in a very cute and fun way dance to the rhythm of ‘Dynamite’, this as part of a challenge that Big Hit Entertainment launched on said platform.

There is no doubt that for ARMY, seeing the two idols dance together was a bomb of tenderness, because in a matter of minutes the video originally published on BTS’s TikTok account received thousands of likes and not to mention the comments section, the which was filled with hundreds of compliments to idols.

‘Dynamite’ was released on all digital platforms on August 20 and since that date and until now it has not stopped dominating the top of the popularity charts around the world, with the Billboard Hot 100 being the most important since they have held first place for three non-consecutive weeks.

What did you think of Jin and Suga’s video for TikTok? Do you like the song on ‘Dynamite’? Leave your answer in the comments.

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