Jin and Jungkook make ARMY fall in love with cute video


Jin and Jungkook of BTS have starred in a cute video that has fascinated the ARMY

BTS is once again the topic of conversation on social networks, thanks to the ARMY, who wanted to remember some of the funniest moments that the group starred in the third season of ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’, the popular reality show of the Bangtan Boys.

This program has become one of the ARMY’s favorites, as it shows the fun adventures that the seven members of BTS go through while they are traveling around the world, which allows us to know a little more about the lives of the boys when they are away from the stage.

The third season of ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’ has become one of the favorites of the fans, due to the funny moments that appear in the episodes, but one of the ones that attracted the most attention was when Jin played a little prank on him Jungkook, which caused a lot of tenderness to the ARMY.

Jin plays a little prank on Jungkook

The clip, which belongs to episode number two, shows us the Bangtan Boys taking a little sightseeing tour through the streets of Malta, but it is Jin who gets the attention of the ARMY for holding Jungkook with a strap that was attached to his backpack, this so Kookie doesn’t get away from him.

The scene causes a lot of laughter to the fans because Jungkook tries to take off the strap, but the Worldwide Handsome stops him and as he walks he begins to pull his partner so that he does not stay too far behind and ends up getting lost.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that Jin and Jungkook star in a fun moment in front of the camera, as Somagnews has told you on more than one occasion about the friendship between both idols, which has been highly applauded by the ARMY. .


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