Jin and his brother joke about the contrast in their fortunes


BTS member revealed his plans for his earnings and his brother joined the idol with his sense of humor. 

Jin was very active on social media to communicate with fans, but his brother Seokjung joined in the fun with a statement about his and the singer’s fortune.

It all started because Seokjin posted a photo holding a wad of bills while joking that he would keep all the money because no one had asked for his share. While some fans responded with memes and asked for just one or two tickets as a donation, Jin’s brother showed that he doesn’t need to make such requests.

The BTS member said that he was saving money to fill a bathtub with bills and bathe in them, only that Seokjung achieved this goal earlier albeit with a few minor adjustments.

Jin’s brother shared a photo on his Instagram account with a photo of a bathtub where he placed money, only it was only a few coins, stealing laughter from BTS fans who perfectly understood the reference to the idol’s statements.


In the description of this funny post, the idol’s brother referred to himself as Mr. Kim Reverence, since when BTS was on You Quiz On The Block Jin revealed that although they previously had a tense sibling relationship, now everything has changed.

The group member joked about how Seokjung now calls him sir and thanks him with bows in a funny way. Given these statements, Jin’s brother said that it is not good to bother your brothers just because you are older because you do not know what the future holds, but also said that now Seokjin is the hyung regardless of whether he is 2 years older.

Seokjung concluded his message by revealing that it was all part of his sense of humor and thanked those who had fun with him with their jokes. Meanwhile, ARMY didn’t hesitate to point out that the Kim brothers share the same style when having fun.

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