Jin is always in a good mood for this reason.


The BTS member shared his true feelings in the latest episode of Break The Silence, where he unveiled what he wants to bring to the group by always keeping a positive vibe.

The Weverse docuserie has given us new special moments with BTS, becoming a space where members feel free to share their emotions and experiences.

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Jin is one of the members we always see laughing and joking, but he doesn’t do it just for fun, he wants to help his teammates with his way of being so happy and unique.

This was expressed by this idol in front of the cameras, making it known that, although he likes to stay happy and laughing, more than a charismatic image he wants to show himself as someone capable of helping others in their difficulties, therefore, he does everything possible to provide energy to your peers and comfort us when you have a hard time.

For Jin it is important to be perceived as a person who can be trusted and who can bring good energy, so he always tries to keep his spirits up and spread it to others.

Recently, Jin participated in the filming of Daechwita, Suga’s video. Because the moment of his appearance managed to capture the attention of fans, Jin explained what the meaning behind this character was.


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