Jin Advises ARMY On How To Be Funny


The idol always has the best answers for the ARMY. Weverse has become BTS’s favorite platform to interact with the ARMY.

Taehyung and Jin are the ones who usually make comments to the fans, but Seokjin has a very original way of giving answers and recently gave a peculiar tip to the fandom.

The idol was interacting with some ARMY, they told him some animal jokes, they told him about the presentation of BTS in Jimmy Fallom, among others.


It wasn’t until a girl told him that his friend always laughed at some jokes, but when she wanted to say something funny he just got serious. As always, Jin decided to give him one of his valuable advice , if you want to make someone laugh, the essential thing is to have beauty. LOL

We know that Jin has always set the example of self-love, he never hesitates to reiterate that he loves himself as he is and although he jokes with the fans, he always shows that feeling confident can transmit joy to others.


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