Jimmy McGill’s Comeback After Gene Teased Better Call Saul Stars


“Better Call Saul” stars Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seahorn hint that “Gin” is not the end for Jimmy McGill. Created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the Breaking Bad prequel series, which premiered in February 2015 (more than a year after its predecessor was completed), is steadily catching up with the Breaking Bad timeline. After the series established itself as a successful spin-off that received critical acclaim, it raised many questions about the fate of Odenkirk character Saul Goodman, formerly known as Jimmy McGill, after leaving Breaking Bad.

In the last episode of “Better Call Saul”, viewers throughout the episode follow a character who previously could only be seen in a few selected intros to episodes — Gene Takavich, manager of Cinnabon in Omaha. In the black-and-white scenes, the once great swindler leads a peaceful, though seemingly unsatisfactory existence, trying to escape from his past. In the 10th episode of season 6, “Better Call Saul”, titled “Nippy”, he returns to his old habits and plans a department store robbery to blackmail someone who recognized him in the previous episode, opening as Saul Goodman. Although this episode ended with his safety and identity intact, perhaps this marks the beginning of the end for Jin.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Seahorn and Odenkirk analyzed fan theories and discussed the trajectory of their characters’ development as the series ends. They gave a lot of clues even beyond the events of the current “Better Call Saul” timeline, especially when a fan suggested that the show ends with Jin being exactly the way he was when he first appeared—managing the Cinnabon and not making waves. See what Odenkirk and Seahorn said below:

Odenkirk: The problem with this theory is that I think we’ve seen so far that Gene, Saul Goodman, Jimmy McGill can’t stay on the run. It’s killing him. So he can’t keep going on like this.

Seahorn: I totally agree with that. I would say who you really are, the question they constantly raise, this idea of a boiling lid that Kim and Jimmy have, is the suppression of something, they almost can’t cope with the energy that has just died out. It has to go somewhere. He can change, but he can’t just stop.

It’s worth noting that Seahorn and Odenkirk also mentioned that none of the fan theories guessed what would happen in the series finale, although some were close. Although it is unknown how the Kim and Jimmy stories in “Better Call Saul” will end, now that the timeline has almost equaled the predecessor of the show, there are some exact details, mainly that Jimmy remains in the image of “Saul” for at least a few more years, and that Kim is probably not in any way is a part of his life. What remains a mystery and forces viewers to follow what is happening now is Saul’s life after Breaking Bad as Gene.

Although the Cinnabon manager’s story arc at first seemed to hint at Saul’s quiet life hiding after Breaking Bad, Odenkirk and Seahorn’s comments imply that Gene is not the end for Jimmy. As the show nears its finale, the question arises: what are the stakes for Gene if he allows himself to plunge into the waters of Sliding Jimmy again? In “Nippy”, the lines between Gene and Jimmy begin to show through. And while Gene ends up using the robbery plan he and taxi driver Jeff are planning as a way to maintain his safety and anonymity as Gene, it’s clear that the thrill of the scheme has rekindled something hidden in him. In the video, Seahorn and Odenkirk refer to the series’ tendency to allow characters to grow and change over time, rather than returning to old patterns. While “Better Call Saul” turns a blind eye to these favorite characters, it’s worth asking the question — who will Gene become?


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