Jimin’s retro style makes ARMY fall in love


BTS member Jimin became a trend for his retro style in the Dynamite video. Who designed it for you?

Recently, a netizen revealed the outfit and accessories worn by BTS member Jimin in the “Dynamite” MV along with the price of each piece.

When the music video for “Dynamite” was released, many netizens loved Jimin’s double jean style as he was wearing jeans and a jean jacket.

With a completely retro style, all the members of BTS wore vintage outfits that won the favor of many people.

In particular, many netizens loved Jimin’s style in this promo. Many netizens praised the perfect combination of the singer’s dyed hair with the repaired denim suit.

This was Jimin’s outfit

Each outfit consisted of branded items like Ralph Lauren’s repaired denim trucker jacket and Dior t-shirt with oblique motif.

ARMY and netizens were impressed with the retro style that was completed with the modern pieces.

Some netizens commented, “This outfit is so cute and it fits Jimin so well”, “Super pretty”, “His hair, outfit and accessories fit him well”, “He was born to be a member of an idol group. This jean wearing denim is so perfect. ”

While others praised the star’s demeanor and style “It’s hard to digest denim on denim. A very pretty style”, “His pink fingers are so cute too”, “Jimin can do anything he wants. He is perfect.”

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