Jimin’s Lie celebrates its 4th anniversary since its release


Lie’s music video was released four years ago and fans celebrated this song performed by Jimin. Each era of BTS has marked an important place in the history of the group and in the lives of the fans, so it is special to remember each of the releases that the members have given us and today ARMY celebrates one more Lie anniversary.

It has been four years since the short film under the name Lie was released as part of the WINGS era, but the impression from this video remains to this day.

The MV begins by showing an artwork in cool colors and Jimin being filmed inside a completely white room. Later, Lie shows us various facets of this idol, we see him smiling and a moment later playing the chaos, demonstrating his acting skills.

The interpretation of this Park Jimin is a fundamental part of Lie’s video, since this K-Pop idol shows all the feelings of the melody through his body expressions and dance movements.

In honor of the fourth anniversary of this video clip, Bangtan Sonyeondan fans have remembered the highlights of this captivating performance and their fondness for Lie’s lyrics.

The verses of this melody tell us about someone who was caught by an image that is not real, now he asks someone to find him and help him bring his smile back.

This tune has brought support and comfort to fans of the Big Hit Entertainment group, who have celebrated four years since the premiere of Lie by showing their support for the tune through social media.

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