Jimin’s friend explains what he is like at school


Apparently Jimin from BTS was a very popular boy in school, this was what someone close to him told during that time.

There are many tests that a K-pop idol must go through in order to succeed, enter an entertainment company, go through very strict training and have the necessary to debut. Jimin has conquered thousands of people with his voice, his stage presence, his unique way of dancing and his personality.

The ‘Rain’ interpreter along with the other members of BTS form one of the most famous K-pop bands in the world. Park Jimin is extremely famous, his impact on the Internet and on social networks is incredible, making each of his interactions viral, exhausting the clothes he wears and even generating records with his name.

Maybe Jimin was born to be a star, because the fame of the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment is not only limited to now, one of his friends from school revealed how he was originally from the city of Busan when he was a student.

Kim Daehoon is a dancer and instructor who shared hours of classes with Jimin and to share a moment with his fans, Kim held a question session for his followers to question him on various curiosities and other topics.

One of the anecdotes that Daehoon told is that when he was younger he moved to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where he attended an arts college where Park Jimin attends and that their connection was immediate, since they spoke the same dialect. Kim Daehoon said that he remembered Jimin with great love and respect.

Daehoon commented that Jimin’s charisma was very natural and due to his good personality he could socialize with everyone around him, also that he was a quite attractive boy and had several friends. The former partner of the Bangtan Boys member said:

Jimin was cute because he had cute cheeks, like a baby face. Jimin only had the face of a baby, but his body was muscular

Daehoon and Jimin, despite the distance, their jobs and the time, remain in contact and from time to time they send messages based on their promotions and their career, showing that good chemistry is never lost when it is true.

Check out Daehoon’s video on YouTube:


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